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A little less than half an hour from the wonderful Taormina and the splendid Catania, the village of San Giovanni Montebello rises in the Etna Park, from where you can admire enchanting landscapes that are articulated between the green of the vineyards and the beauty of the Ionian Sea. Behind this place you can appreciate the view of Mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe which dominates these beautiful landscapes, giving a unique spectacle. The Scudero Winery is located in this scenario, made up of a Terrana house from the 1600s belonging to the Scudero Barons of Villanova. On the large terrace in front of the house there is still the ancient cistern with a hexagonal neck, carved in lava stone, the millstone, and the cellar, with narrow slit windows that have always kept the temperature stable inside, allowing the wine to mature and refine.

Cantine Scudero tasting:

Plan: Guided tour through the organically vineyards, guided tour of the ancient millstone and the cellar. Tasting with sommelier of the 3 white wines:

AliAde - Catarratto IGT Terre Siciliane

Cantata - Sauvignon Blanc IGT Terre Siciliane

Sedicidieci - White IGT Terre Siciliane

The tasting will be combined with platters with typical Sicilian products such as cold cuts and cheeses.


Duration: 2h/ 2:30h

 We highly recommend hat and trekking shoes. “Tastings will take place on saturdays and Sundays by reservation”.

Tastings on other days of the week are to be agreed by phone or email.

Tour start: 1st Shift at 10:00 2nd shift at 16:00 or 18:00 (Sammer season)

When booking, indicate the total number of participants and any food intolerances. Reservations can be made via WhatsApp on +39 3286755904 or via email at info@cantinescudero.it or our website/contacts

Cost: €30 per person

Address:  Via Salvatore Musumeci 1, San Giovanni Montebello 95014 (CT)