The company

An ancient family history

A property hand down from generation to generation, from the noble family of the Barons Scudero in San Giovanni Montebello, close to the city of Giarre, at 500 metres above the sea level on the slopes of Mount Etna.

In the big terrace in front of the house, it is still present the cistern with a hexagonal neck, carved in lava stone, where some filtered rainwater from the roof top of the house were collected by the channels to make the house liveable even in those months of drought. When the Baron with all his family, to escape the summer heat, used to take refuge in the countryside. On the sides of the terrace, a hackberry stood out and there is still a wisteria, which shades the masonry seats adorned with coats of arms graffiti in the plaster. This details inspired 100 years later, the labels of the white wines that in 2020 present themselves on the wine scene.

The place that more than any other characterized the days of October was the millstone and the cellar: the beating heart of the winery. The harvest and its magical rite, the culminating moment of an entire vintage: when teams of grape harvesters alternated to unload the grapes from the baskets into the millstone for the first pressing. Here, year after year, the natural alchemy in which the fruit becomes a drink was renewed, to mature and refine in large barrels waiting for the other ritual, that of tasting, a tradition of St. Martin’s day.

This cycle has existed for nearly four hundred years.