The territory

The vocation of a unique territory

San Giovanni Montebello is a town located exactly between Mount Etna and the sea.

Walking through the vineyard, you can look out over Riposto, a town renowned for its wine trade since ancient times.

The story handed down by the old farmers is a lucky story, of a loved and cared land. A land that has always been suited to viticulture, at 390 meters above sea level, made fertile by the geological characteristics typical of the volcanic earth, shaped by geological forces, wind, water, climate and the slow deposition in water of the different soil components (skeleton, sand, silt and clay). In a Mediterranean context, with an ideal climate and unique exposure, a predominantly sedimentary-alluvial soil and espalier crops, carefully managed, thanks to the help of expert farmers, characterize the Scudero vineyards.

The continuous reclamation of the shady soil, which has also donated the stone of which the characteristic dry stonewalls that surround the property are made, has enhanced the natural vocation of the land, privileged by the position and exposure of the vineyards. The selection of vines, some ancient, others renewed, did the rest, to make the most of this extraordinary place.

A unique and inimitable territory capable of transmitting all the strength and energy of our land.