Wine project

A wine-producing project of excellence

In this unique context, in 2016 Carlo and Martino Scudero, descendants of the Scudero family, embarked on a modernization process that is transforming the historic estate of the Barons Scudero into an excellence of Etna viticulture.

Thus, a new entrepreneurial project comes to life, an intense and passionate work that has combined respect for tradition with targeted and accurate innovation. To enhance the property’s structures and its naturalistic heritage, also consisting of centuries-old plants that dot its lands, but above all by producing quality wines thanks to the selection of vines chosen according to the characteristics of the terroir.

The protagonist of the restoration and modernization of the structure is the ancient cellar, with the narrow slit windows that have always kept the temperature stable inside, allowing the wine to mature and refine, according to a tradition that has been going on for about four hundred years. It is here that the wines matured and came to life, hence the inspiration for a limited production, according to a precise choice that does not look at volumes, but exclusively at excellence.

This is the Cantine Scudero winery, a small jewel in the Sicilian wine scene.